VIDEO: How a Trust Can Help You and Your Family

A common misconception about Trusts is that Trusts are only for the rich; the truth is that Trusts can be a powerful tool for many people in a variety of situations. If you’ve ever asked yourself whether a Trust might help to meet your planning goals, this video is for you. In this webinar, Nurse Attorney Cathleen Summers and Attorney Phil Summers dispel common myths about Trusts, explain the “nuts and bolts” of Trusts, and discuss the benefits of a Trust: how it can help you avoid Probate, save you money in the long run, and more.


1:16 – Common myths about Trusts

11:38 – Benefits of a Trust

16:23 – The “nuts and bolts” of a Trust

19:46 – Audience Question: How does a Trustee pay bills on behalf of a Trust?

25:23 – Common types of trusts

27:30 – Audience Question: Can you have more than one trustee?

30:00 – Audience Question: GRAT Trusts?

33:12Revocable Trusts

40:55Irrevocable Trusts

47:45 – Audience Question: Can a Trustee sell a home?

49:25 – Audience Question: Tax questions related to Trusts and Beneficiaries

53:20 – Audience Question: Better to gift a house or utilize a reverse mortgage?

55:15 – Special Needs Trusts

56:13 – Comprehensive estate plans include Trusts

58:00 – More audience questions


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