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After a loved one, unfortunately, passes away, you may be left with questions about the assets and liabilities left in your loved ones’ estate. Our local probate lawyers are here to answer your questions.

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At Generations Law Group, we help you understand the ins and outs of probate litigation, working to help alleviate the stress that may come with probate law and the process of reviewing the last will of your loved one. Our aim is to resolve any outstanding issues that may arise.



It is already stressful dealing with the grief when a loved one dies, the last thing you should have to worry about is the probate process to settle the estate.

It is recommended to speak with an experienced probate attorney to answer your questions and ensure that the correct paperwork is filed. Typically, you will need to probate the estate if you need to:

  • Find out if the will is valid
  • Change the title of the property, or accounts that is only in the decedent’s name
  • Pay any creditors
  • Get medical records
  • File taxes

Our local probate attorneys in Sudbury offer a free consultation for you to learn more about your specific needs with probate matters. We are prepared to pursue a resolution to conflicts that may arise when your loved one passes away.

Probate Process


Across the state, there is a legal process to ensure that the provisions of a will are met. Our local probate attorneys have answered some of the most common questions we receive. If you still have questions, do not hesitate to call and speak directly with one of our lawyers today.

Does an Estate With a Will Need Probate Administration?

Yes, most cases will still need to go through the probate process. There are different levels of probate for an estate which include:

  • Informal probate
  • Formal probate matters
  • Late and limited formal probate
  • Voluntary administration

There are some instances where an estate will not be required to pass through probate. For example, if property is held in joint tenancy, or assets held in trusts will be exempt from probate. Regardless if you do not think probate is necessary, it is important to speak with an experienced attorney to ensure there are no missing details. An attorney should be utilized to file proper paperwork within Massachusetts courts. An attorney can also be important if any legal issues arise during the process of reviewing the will that requires action.

Why Hire a Sudbury Probate Lawyer?

In most cases, a court will appoint a person, or personal representative, to collect, manage and transfer estate property to the heirs. There are many different types of legal forms in Massachusetts that may need to be collected in relation to wills, estates and trusts that are used in probate court. By hiring an experienced probate attorney in Sudbury, MA, you don’t have to worry about what type of forms you will need.

The will must also be filed with the court in the county where the decedent lived.

Is There a Deadline to Probate an Estate?

Typically, you have three years from when your loved one died to probate the estate. There are special circumstances that this doesn’t apply to, such as a voluntary administration or in determining heirs.

The first step in the probate office should be to call our Sudbury probate law office to speak directly with an attorney to determine the specifics relating to your loved ones’ will. When starting the probate process, you begin with filing paperwork, collecting and inventorying of assets and notifying creditors. Creditors will have one year from the date of passing to file a claim with the estate.

Why Hire a Probate Law Firm in Sudbury, MA

By hiring a legal representative to handle estate assets, you won’t have to worry about the process of estate administration after the death of your loved one. Wills may not be clear or complete and the probate process can sometimes take a longer amount of time to settle.

In an ideal world, all wills will be clearly drafted, read and executed. Unfortunately, wills and trusts may have ambiguities or there may be competing interests and intentions. Disputes may arise from creditor claims which may require litigation or family members may also disagree with the contents of the will.

At Generations Law Group, our experienced team of probate litigation attorneys can challenge the will or defend your interests. We are a full-service law firm that assists in estate planning, elder law and probate administration.

Don’t hesitate to contact our local office today to learn more about the probate administration of your loved one’s will. In addition to our probate attorneys in Sudbury, MA, we maintain other offices to best serve our clients. Whether you need assistance with probate administration, estate planning, or guardianship, our attorneys are here to help you.

” My wife and I met with Attorney Cathleen Summers of Generations Law Group to discuss estate planning. We were very impressed with Cathleen’s knowledge and advice during our initial consultation. We decided to hire Cathleen Summers for our estate planning needs. All our questions were answered, and advice given where needed as our estate planning documents were drafted. Cathleen’s administrative assistant Tracy Porzio was a pleasure to work with. Tracy did a great job with scheduling and keeping us on track. My wife and I feel more relaxed now that we have signed all our estate planning documents. We are confident with the plan that was put together, and that Generations Law Group is a trusted resource for future questions and any other issues that come up down the road. Carol Anderson of Generation Law Group, stays in contact with clients by offering webinars to discuss relevant issues such as “Understanding Social Security”. I highly recommend Generations Law Group for your estate planning needs.” 

– Leo F.

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