Estate planning is more than just the preparation of legal documents; it’s the process of anticipating risk and planning for the transfer of your estate in an efficient and responsible manner that follows your wishes.

When should your family create or review an estate plan?

A well-designed and implemented estate plan can reduce the risk of family arguments and to protect your loved ones against foreseeable risks such as lawsuits, divorce, disruption of Medicaid or disability benefits, dissipation of assets, or mismanagement.

Hope for the best but prepare for the worst. Families that plan across Generations have peace of mind that everyone is protected, no matter what life brings.

How can Generations Law Group help with
your family’s estate planning?

At Generations Law Group, we work with you to preserve your hard-earned assets for the rest of your life and to distribute the remaining assets in accordance with your wishes.

We work with you to develop an estate plan through
a variety of methods, including:

Last Will and Testament
Revocable and Irrevocable Trusts
Lifetime Gifting
Life Estates
Joint Ownership
Avoiding Probate
Beneficiary Designations

Proper planning and a well-drafted estate plan will ensure that:

Your estate assets go where you want and are carried out in the manner you’ve chosen
You can choose to prevent your family from having to endure the public and costly probate process
The government won’t be able to take what you’ve spent a lifetime building

We can help if your family is arguing over inheritance or the will is contested.

Call us if: the administration of the estate doesn’t go as planned,

If the assets of the trust have been mismanaged or can’t be located
Someone tries to influence your family member in order to receive an unjust inheritance
You are entitled a share of the estate but have been denied your fair share.
You are asked to defend the validity of a will as a personal reprensentative
A trustee has absconded with the trust assets.



Cathleen Summers, Esq

Our knowledge and experience can be your greatest asset when faced with the complex and daunting prospect of estate litigation.


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