VIDEO: Understanding Benefits for Seniors

A key part of effective retirement and estate planning includes an assessment of your potential benefits. In this informative webinar, our panel of experts will explore basic benefits at the federal, state, and local level to ensure you’re taking advantage of all that you may be entitled to receive.

Introduction to the webinar and to Nurse Attorney Cathleen Summers, Host

1:20 Cathleen Summers introduces each guest panelist

6:00 Anthony Bartlett, of Bartlett Wealth Management speaks about Social Security

16:00 Peter E. O’Neil of Charter Financial Group speaks about Medicare

29:00 Patty Servaes of Elder Resource Benefits Consulting speaks about Veteran Benefits

44:00 Ana Cristina Oliveira of Sudbury Senior Center speaks about benefits and programs available at most Senior Centers in MA

57:00 Questions and Answer period:

Question 1: Divorce and Social Security benefits

Question 2: Working spouses and Social Security benefits

Question 3: VA benefits for divorced couples

Question 4: Getting VA Dates of Service

Question 5: SSDI for permanent disability and how it affects Social Security when you hit retirement age

Question 6: VA health benefits for current spouse


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