Preserving a Crafty Legacy

When grandma died last year, it was a loss felt by the entire family.  She was the anchor for the family and an avid knitter.  During her life, she knit a special blanket for each of her grandchildren.  These unique, “made from the heart” items provide a loving reminder of her.  But, when it came time to cleaning out her home, there were dozens of other knit items such as blankets and sweaters that were found, as well as some half-finished projects – one that had been started for her first great grandchild.  The house had to be readied for sale and many of these unique, handmade items went unclaimed by the family.

What can be done with these items?

  • If you want to have the project finished – there are many groups that will work to finish the project your loved one started or one they may need repair.
    • Start by reaching out to any craft groups that your loved one may have belonged to. Many towns have quilting groups or craft guilds.
    • Reach out to the local senior center. They may have resources to help you locate a craftsperson.
  • Donate finished projects to the local hospital, skilled nursing facility or rehabilitation center for their residence/patients.
  • Donate supplies such as left over fabric, yarn, etc. to a local school, after school program, or senior center.

There are many ways to honor a loved one after that are gone.  Sharing their passion for crafting and the projects that they created with others is a special way of keeping their legacy alive.

If you have special wishes for your craft legacy, talk to your estate planning or elder law attorney. They will help you decide the best way to document your wishes to your family so your crafts, and other important items, go to whom you want them to go.

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