Make MultiGenerational Living a Success for Your Family

In this webinar, recorded on July 28, 2020, Nurse Attorney Cathleen Summers and Attorney Phil Summers discuss the commonly asked legal questions regarding aging parents moving in with their adult child or having an adult child move in with the aging parents.

In order for you to easily access the information contained in this video, time markers for the topics are listed below:

0:00-1:25 – Introduction of webinar and presenters

1:30 – Statistics showing increase in multigenerational living in the US

3:00 – Reasons for the increase in popularity

5:20 – Positive aspects of multigenerational living

7:30 – Downsides/issues that may arise

13:05 – The current COVID situation and it’s impact on multigenerational living

15:30 – What to do before moving in

20:00 – Legal issues to address

32:40 – Additional things to consider prior to moving in

40:55 – Questions and Answers with webinar participants