Don’t Sign Another Health Care Proxy!

A healthcare proxy document is a document that you sign appointing someone else to step into your shoes should you need healthcare decisions made when you’re incompetent or incapacitated.

Clients will often ask:

What happens when I go into my doctor’s office or go in for to the hospital for a procedure and they want me to sign a new healthcare proxy?

We recommend that you do NOT do this if you have a healthcare proxy that you’ve put in place with your attorney. That document typically has a broad range of authority for your healthcare proxy to be able to utilize should they have to step into your shoes. Signing a new healthcare proxy with either your doctor’s office or some facility such as a hospital or a rehab center, may make it so that your previous healthcare proxy is now null and void.

Keeping your current proxy in place if you have a document that names the person of your choosing and gives a wide range of authority to that individual is critical to ensure that they’re able to make decisions on your behalf should the need arise.

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