Sometimes a crisis occurs before an estate plan has been completed. In this webinar, Nurse Attorney Cathleen Summers discusses the options that may be available to help you or your loved one manage the crisis.


0:35 – The first step

2:45 – What can be done: Pre-Planning documents is preferred

3:05 – Power of Attorney, Health Care Proxy, HIPAA, and Living Will/MOLST documents explained

11:45 – What we CAN do when there’s a crisis, but pre-planning documents are not in place, and person is not competent to sign anything

12:10Guardianships & Conservatorships

22:42 – Audience Question: MOLST form

26:25 – What if more care is needed?

26:50 – Assessing the needs of the person

32:35 – Can the person stay in their own residence?

37:10 – What if nursing home care is necessary?

43:30 – Community resources