Aging Advocate Program

The Aging Advocate Program is a planning process customized for you by your Aging Advocate Team. Your Aging Advocate Plan is a life care plan that allows you to achieve your quality of life, day-to-day care, and long-term financial goals.

After your Aging Advocate Team carefully assesses your life, care, and legal situation, a tailored Life Plan is put in place to meet your needs and goals.

Peace of Mind for Every Phase


Q: “I’m healthy now, what if my health declines?”

A: The Aging Advocate Program gives you the peace of mind knowing that if your health declines, you have a plan of action in place. You will have a team on your side ready to help you coordinate services to help you age-in-place for as long as it is safe to do so, maneuver through the health care system, and protect your assets that you have earned during your lifetime.

Q: “I don’t want to be a burden on my adult children – where do I turn?”

A: Your Aging Advocate Team is ready when you are to help you safely be as independent as you would like to be. Your Team will work with you and any family members you designate to create, update as needed, and follow your Aging Advocate Plan to achieve your goals and wishes.

Q: “I live alone – Who will advocate for me in an emergency?”

A: You should always call 911 for help in an emergency. Once you have received the necessary emergency services, someone from your medical team, a designated family member, or you – if you are able, should call us. One of your Aging Advocate Team members will be there for you to help ensure that your Aging Advocate Plan of goals and wishes are followed as you intended.

Q:”I have no family in the area. Who will be my health care proxy or power of attorney?”

A: Family members can be far away making it more difficult to have someone there when you need them to help you with your health care and/or finances. The Aging Advocate Program is intended to give you the peace of mind that there is someone who will speak on your behalf and/or maintain your finances if you are unable to do so on your own.  Your Aging Advocate Team is a group of professionals who are there for you to be your voice when necessary.


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