Advocating for a Loved One in a Hospital or Nursing Home

In this video webinar, Nurse Attorney Cathleen Summers discusses how to effectively advocate for a loved one who is hospitalized. Cathleen covers the basics from what estate planning documents should be in place and how to know what your loved one’s wishes are, to more in-depth information regarding effective communication with health care providers, and managing your loved one’s discharge from the hospital.

In order for you to easily access this information, time markers for the topics covered in this video are listed below:

3:00: Being proactive. Prior to a crisis, organize appropriate documents and make sure they are up-to-date and relevant.

11:00: Knowing your loved one’s health care wishes – ideally before a crisis occurs.

14:40: What to bring with you to the hospital or nursing home: from documents to personal items

19:30: Tips for being an effective advocate

21:00: Tip #1 – You are an integral part of your loved one’s health care team

29:10: Tip #2 – How and when to effectively speak up for your loved one

38:00: Tip #3 – How to aptly listen and understand when communicating with health care providers

42:00: Your rights and resources available to you as your loved one’s advocate

47:40: Advocating during COVID-19 times – from a distance

51:00: Planning for discharge from the hospital and beyond. Understanding treatment, services, medications, and more